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I am a junior software engineer

About Me

Currently a Junior Software Engineer at Magnolia CMS, I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from FHNW in Switzerland, where I specialized in Design and Management. My focus lies in backend development, crafting microservices with cloud architecture. Throughout my academic journey, I gained skills across diverse programming languages and technologies, for crafting functional and user-friendly software solutions. I eagerly anticipate putting my expertise to use in a professional capacity, where I strive to evolve and expand my capabilities as a software engineer.

As a proud member of the Hispanic community, I bring a rich cultural perspective to everything I do. With a passion for diversity and a love for immersing myself in different cultures, I am always seeking new challenges and opportunities to grow.

Currently based in Switzerland, I am open to exploring the world and creating amazing work in new and diverse environments. From the mountains of Switzerland to the beaches of the Caribbean, let's create something truly unique together.


Proficient knowledge in

Java, Kotlin, Quarkus, Kotlin Jetpack Compose, Figma

Competent knowledge in

Spring Boot, Motoko, JavaScript, Python, Unity

Basic knowledge in

Cairo/StarkNet, SQL, Haskell, C# . React, Solidity

My Projects

Bachelor Thesis: Supply-Chain DApp using DFINITY'S Internet Computer

In our Bachelor thesis project, we explored the potential advantages of integrating supply chain management tools with blockchain technology. To demonstrate our hypothesis, we developed a Proof of Concept utilizing DFINITY's Internet Computer technology tailored to our unique use case.

Food Buddy App

Food Buddy is an Android app that connects individuals who don't want to eat alone. Create events, invite others to join, choose who can join and never eat alone again. Perfect for people new to an area or looking to expand their social circle. User-friendly interface, easy to use and helps make new friends over a shared love for good food.

Blockchain Based Game with Zero Knowledge Proofs

This project is a blockchain-based game that utilizes StarkNet to help scale dApps on the Ethereum blockchain. As a proof of concept, the game features Pokemon NFTs that can fight against each other.

By using StarkNet, the game is able to take advantage of the security and immutability of the Ethereum blockchain while also providing a scalable, cheaper and more efficient gaming experience. The game is built on smart contracts and uses NFTs to represent the Pokemon characters, making each one unique and collectible. This project is a proof of concept that showcases the potential of layer 2 scaling solutions and the use of blockchain technology in gaming.

Space Invaders

This new adaptation of the classic Space Invaders game stays true to its retro roots while adding a twist to the final round. Players will feel the nostalgia as they defend their planet from the alien invasion, using their picked laser cannon to blast their way through wave after wave of alien ships.

Tech Stack:


Deezer Music App

This music app allows users to search and play music, create a favorites list and discover new songs and artists. It features a user-friendly interface and a search function for easy access to a wide range of music. Additionally, it has a favorites list feature for convenient access to preferred songs and artists. The app is designed for a seamless experience

Tech Stack:

Kotlin Jetpack Compose

Deezer API


This portfolio website is a representation of my skills, abilities, and personality. It was created from scratch, providing a unique and personal touch to my online presence. The website is fully responsive, optimized for all devices, and was programmed with a mobile-first approach to ensure the best user experience, it also includes light and dark mode. This project was an opportunity for me to also showcase my skills in web development and design, and I am proud of the result.

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